Technological advancement keeps advancing every day. Informed by this fact, many organizatiowebns are inclining to use of internet to market their products. Traditional methods of marketing such as print media, radio broadcasting and television advertising have been overtaken primarily because internet marketing has a wider audience. How do you become the best in internet marketing? Well, this is a relevant worry given the unpredictability of technology evolution. 

A SEO Convention to be held in Caesars Palace on 15th to 17th November 2014 may provide the best platform to learn the best techniques to emerge the best in internet marketing. This SEO Convention will bring on board experienced internet marketers who have made an impact in the field. These experts have excelled but with different techniques thus give you a variety to choose that which you think suits you best. At the end of each of the three days there will be a networking session which allows you to freely interact with these experts and ask any relevant question to enhance your marketing skills

Why is the SEO convention unique?

It will be the first of its kind. Speakers will be allowed to speak without any limit. It is important to recognize that most of conferences of this kind are streamed online thus any utterance considered provocative will be censored. This will be a unique one since there will be no recording will be done


The pool of experts brings on board different expertise. This will allow all the attendants to tap their expertise and blend it with what they already have to gain a competitive edge. This stimulates innovation as all the ideas that are shared leads to a unique way forward such as the evolution of using social media platform for marketing was born out of such conferences


The tickets are very affordable and falls short of the expertise that will be brought to the conference by the speakers. Discounted tickets are also available but only for those who will pay early. Discounted tickets go for $599 dollars and the standard tickets for $995. Paying early will save you few coins. You might also consider applying for available special offers which will have your accommodation fees waived. You may also prefer to attend as group as this will also have your accommodation fees scrapped.

In addition to the main SEO Conference, there will be an exhibition program. This gives marketers a chance to show their techniques. This feature is important as it allows practical analysis to identify the strong and wewoman and business strategyak points.


Such a SEO Convention is a rare platform to meet experts. Informed by this fact, you should consider preparing thoroughly if you intend to benefit the most. This involves doing an evaluation of your own marketing strategies to identify areas that require improvement and those that may require just to be strengthened. This will allow you to question from an informed point of view thus get the maximum unrestricted insight.

Finally, all you require to be an expert in internet marketing will be discussed at length in this conference. If you intend to have a competitive advantage over your colleagues in marketing your products then you can’t afford to miss this SEO Convention


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