Ungagged 2014 – Right Platfrom for Polishing Internet Marketing Skills

For Internet marketing specialists there are a number of Internet m6e7528d6-98d1-4b40-a660-329dcae5e351arketing conferences that happen right through the year where the up and coming Internet marketing professionals get a chance to brush shoulders with the Internet marketing experts. Participants attending such Internet marketing conferences and trade shows get to listen to the presentations made by Internet marketing experts on a range of topics including inbound marketing, search engine optimization, Keyword Research and pay per click campaigns among other topics.

UnGagged 2014

One such new event that has got added to the IM calender is the Ungagged 2014. This will be the inaugural edition of the event and is being sponsored by Black hat World conference, one of the leading Internet Marketing Forums in the online world. The event has been scheduled to take place in the happening city of Las Vegas between 15th and 17th of November 2014. On all the three days of the conference, participants can listed to experts providing their views on a range of topics related to inbound marketing and Search Engine Optimization.
Speakers at UnGagged 2014

Participants get the opportunity to listen to SEO experts divulge their trade secrets by attending this IM Conference. Participants might have seen some of the speakers in other events. But this event is unique in the sense that the speakers would let their hair down and speak from the bottom of their heart. This would be a unique experience for the visitors as they would be seeing the speaker open up as never before.

Scott Stratten

Scott is the president of Un-Marketing and was named as one of the top 5 social media influencers in the world by Forbes.com. He has devised a new Internet marketing term called Un-marketing which is a mix of social marketing, Viral and Authentic marketing.

Jeremy Shoemaker

One of the Pioneers in Internet Marketing, Jeremy became famous by maintaining one of the highest trafficked websites in the form of Shoemoney.com.

Dave Snyder

Another well known face in the world of Internet marketing, Dave is a much respected figure in areas like Search marketing and social media marketing.

Jacob Hagberg

Founder of Black hat World, Jacob is another respected figure in digital marketing and knows how to convert a garage born business in to a multi million dollar business using the various Internet Marketing Techniques

Internet Marketing Topics that will be covered during the 3 day event

Among the various Topics topics that would be presented by the renowned Internet marketing experts, some of the topics of interest to the audience are mentioned here

1. “How to build a six figure Blog” by Matthew Woodward on November 15th Saturday
2. “How to Earn five figures per month using mobile apps” by Mark Ress on November 15th 2014

3.” Stupid SEO mistakes that you are making without even knowing it” by Jacob Hagberg on November 16th

4. “How to Build and sell an online business for over $1 million” by Thomas Smale on November 16th

5. “How to create a website that converts like Crazy” by Radar Roy Reyer on November 17th

6. “How to use Content to camouflage Link buying” by Dave Snyder on November 17th

With such a plethora of speakers, participants would go back enriched with several new techniques in search engine marketing, Key word optimization and in bound marketing and apply those techniques in their own online business. In order to register for the event, interested participants can get in to the online portal of the new IM conference by following the link Ungagged.com. As the event is held at the happening city of Las Vegas, very close to the Las Vegas strip, interested participants can utilize the 40% discount provided on the tickets sold through the portal.


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