Unleash your business’s internet marketing presence at UnGagged 2014

Unleash your business’s internet marketing presence at UnGagged 2014

The internet has taken the world by storm. Access has become easily available and information is at the touch of a button. Businesses have found that with the increase of the digital age, less and less people find paper ads useful. The usual suspects, brochures, fliers and pamphlets have resisted being relevant in marketing a business.

– Businesses meet internet marketing86eacebb-bb24-4543-8341-2d74373b13f8

Companies keep looking for new and innovative ways to capture their target markets. Internet marketing is a new way for businesses to reach and broaden their target audience. Internet marketing forms part of the marketing and advertising realm. It is solely advertising that happens on the internet. This kind of advertising includes email marketing, search engine and social media marketing as well as mobile advertising.

Although it is fairly new, internet marketing is a large business and it is growing fast!

The internet is always changing, because of its popularity amongst all age groups locating and narrowing down a specific group of people can be difficult. There various kinds of conferences held worldwide to help educate and equip business with knowledge of increasing revenue by using the internet.

– Internet marketing conference 2014

The UnGagged UNconvention will be hosting its first conference about internet marketing/SEO in November 2014 from the 15th until the 17th at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is financed BlackHat World and it will be bringing together the ��big dawgs’ of the online marketing industry. 90f42936-9839-40c2-9fa1-17634d9a2292

The conference will be hosted by Erika Napoletano, she is known for working selflessly to help others create businesses that are the next best thing! Scott Stratten is one of the most influential people in social media. He is the president of Un-Marketing and is an expert in viral, social and authentic marketing. Jeremy Schoemaker became popular in the industry after his website shoemoney.com became the website with the most traffic in the early 2000s.

Jacob Hagberg, at 26 years old, will be the youngest speaker at the conference. He roughly made about $700, 00 in 2013 all from his parent’s basement. He will be sharing on how he did it and how you can do it too. Stratten, Schoemaker and Hagberg will amongst a list of accomplished and prolific online marketing geniuses.

– No boundaries conference

The convention aims to be a platform for marketers and businesses alike to explore paths that haven’t been allowed to be discussed in such conferences. It holds no bars and allows all speakers to speak unlimited and uncensored truths about successful online marketing. When this happens we all know the well of knowledge is a bottomless mine.

All businesses managers and owners should invest in attending the conference. It’ll do more good than bad for your future internet endeavours. Plus none of the content of the conference will be streamed or recorded so make it a point to be there or you will miss out on the most groundbreaking event of the year yet!

What is incredible about online advertising is that it is used across all industry sectors. There is nothing that can’t be marketed or advertised online. Anything goes.



Technological advancement keeps advancing every day. Informed by this fact, many organizatiowebns are inclining to use of internet to market their products. Traditional methods of marketing such as print media, radio broadcasting and television advertising have been overtaken primarily because internet marketing has a wider audience. How do you become the best in internet marketing? Well, this is a relevant worry given the unpredictability of technology evolution. 

A SEO Convention to be held in Caesars Palace on 15th to 17th November 2014 may provide the best platform to learn the best techniques to emerge the best in internet marketing. This SEO Convention will bring on board experienced internet marketers who have made an impact in the field. These experts have excelled but with different techniques thus give you a variety to choose that which you think suits you best. At the end of each of the three days there will be a networking session which allows you to freely interact with these experts and ask any relevant question to enhance your marketing skills

Why is the SEO convention unique?

It will be the first of its kind. Speakers will be allowed to speak without any limit. It is important to recognize that most of conferences of this kind are streamed online thus any utterance considered provocative will be censored. This will be a unique one since there will be no recording will be done


The pool of experts brings on board different expertise. This will allow all the attendants to tap their expertise and blend it with what they already have to gain a competitive edge. This stimulates innovation as all the ideas that are shared leads to a unique way forward such as the evolution of using social media platform for marketing was born out of such conferences


The tickets are very affordable and falls short of the expertise that will be brought to the conference by the speakers. Discounted tickets are also available but only for those who will pay early. Discounted tickets go for $599 dollars and the standard tickets for $995. Paying early will save you few coins. You might also consider applying for available special offers which will have your accommodation fees waived. You may also prefer to attend as group as this will also have your accommodation fees scrapped.

In addition to the main SEO Conference, there will be an exhibition program. This gives marketers a chance to show their techniques. This feature is important as it allows practical analysis to identify the strong and wewoman and business strategyak points.


Such a SEO Convention is a rare platform to meet experts. Informed by this fact, you should consider preparing thoroughly if you intend to benefit the most. This involves doing an evaluation of your own marketing strategies to identify areas that require improvement and those that may require just to be strengthened. This will allow you to question from an informed point of view thus get the maximum unrestricted insight.

Finally, all you require to be an expert in internet marketing will be discussed at length in this conference. If you intend to have a competitive advantage over your colleagues in marketing your products then you can’t afford to miss this SEO Convention

Why Should You Participate in an Internet Marketing Conference?

It’s the custom for internet marketers to gather and share at conferences all over the world. Online business owners constitute a good percentage of those who flock to those industry conferences. The best ina90c7f45-d522-480c-a835-d58da59b5840ternet marketing conference to attend is that which covers topics relating to online search engine marketing techniques. Some of these techniques include SEO, cost per action (CPA), and cost per click (CPC) marketing campaigns. These topics, and many others, will enlighten you such that you are able to decide on the campaigns that best fit your product promotion.

Online Marketers are the Major Target

You run a web-based business and want to take it to another level? Attending internet marketing conference is a necessity for internet marketers. Internet marketers benefit a lot from these conferences. Every company or person doing business online must take advantage of and capture all the income generating channels. The internet is rich in both full-time and part-time income generating techniques. That’s why the most successful companies are those that have an influential online presence. What you need most is to be enlightened with the right tools and techniques. You also need to know how to employ the best online marketing strategies.

It’s a Learning Platform

An online marketing conference can take you from a no-know-zone to an all-knowing-zone. Online Marketing Key Can Be Blogs Websites Social Media And Emai
What do I really mean? You can attend an internet marketing conference as a newbie to the methodologies of setting up a website. As you interact with the visitors and speakers, you are able to grab a few fantastic tips such as the use of web development platforms. These platforms, e.g. WordPress, are usually used by online marketers who use blogs as a marketing tool. For instance, WordPress is a great alternative to building a website from scratch because it’s fast. Moreover, it’s effective in managing and optimizing the sites that you build.

Webmasters have been singing the same SEO song over the years. Many approaches to improve website’s ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) have been deduced. Some of these approaches are total garbage while others are excellent in improving website rank on search engines. How can you differentiate the garbage from the practical approaches to your SEO campaigns? The most effective way is not by reading from the internet. Simply, purpose to attend as many internet marketing conferences as possible. During these marketing conferences, everyone is free to table his/her own views and ideas regarding online marketing and SEO. For instance, you will be able to learn about the current online marketing trends such as Social media marketing and Google Ads.

Meeting New Contacts

Visitors to the internet marketing conferences stand a chance to make new contacts. A bigger percentage of those who attend these conferences are professionals and experts in internet marketing. So, expect to meet ‘big people’ during the conference. Why do you need these contacts? These contacts are very important in that these professionals can share with you their experiences and knowledge, and also suggest ways of doing web-based business effectively. You can even meet new business partners or customers while at the summit.a2930c01-3458-405f-a990-5c2a8175deeb

Purpose to Attend

It’s easy to reap plenty of benefits from an internet marketing conference. First, always arrive at the venue in time and pay attention to all the speakers. Let no single word pass your ears. Secondly, interact and share your ideas without holding back. Seek for clarification if a certain issue isn’t clear. Offer a helping hand to those who ask for help. Since you know some of the benefits, purpose to attend the upcoming online marketing events such as the SEO UNconvention.


Content Creation and Marketing Strategies

Content Creation and Marketing Strategies.da5e95e4-d01c-45ba-9936-f083ad323995
Major search engines make changes to their search algorithms frequently; affecting a number of ranking signals and consequently the general site performance in the search results. However, content marketing has remained the major ranking factor; and the most relevant SEO technigue that most internet marketers utilize to improve site’s performance in the search result; without being affected by the changes made to search algorithms.

According to the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing among others, unique and quality content is king: Search engines are designed to present more relevant web pages to the users who searching for information through the search engines. As such; without quality and relevant content creation and marketing strategies, a site will perform so poorly in the search engine results page (SERP): For a good return on investment, you need to improve the site’s conversion rate; which you can only achieve a unique SEO content.

Unggaged.com offers a high quality training on the most effective content creation and marketing strategies that always guarantee an impressive results in the search results of all the major search engines. Our team of qualified professional speakers has sufficient experience, skills, and expertise in effective content creation techniques; which they offer to our trainees through a well organized world class convention and conference.
Power of Words
Our Content Creation and Marketing Strategy.
1. Keyword Research.
A unique content that is search engine friendly begins with the right niche keywords: We offer the best training on effective keyword research techniques that will always guarantee a success in the search results. On the other hand; we have the best keyword research tools that offer high quality keywords that are relevant to your niche; giving your site the highest position in the SERP of all the major search engines.

2. Unique Content Creation. 
As we have already noticed; a unique content will always be loved by search engines: Our content creation strategy focuses on the right usage of the keywords. Keywords over stuffing should always be avoided at all cost; as the search engine robots may fail to index a web page due to over utilizing the keywords on the same webpage. Besides unique and search engine friendly contents; our strategy also involves an effective on-page link building technique, so that a web page can have the required amount of quality and relevant back-links that will give it the authority it needs to rank well in the search engines. We also include a training on the good use of other on-page SEO such video product reviews and use of images and ALT tags to create a more search engine friendly landing pages.

3. Content marketing Strategy.
Creating a search engine friendly site is not enough; you need to market your content on various content marketing platforms to increase the online audience of your product and also to build your brand reputation online. Wca0ca740-73f2-47ba-8104-a56d8c6d711ee offer the best training on various content marketing techniques; including social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, social bookmarking and content submission. To add on top; we also pride in offering extensive training on paid ad or pay per click optimization; which guarantees a higher site conversion rate that results in an impressive return on investment.

There are limited offers available; sign up for our world class SEO convention today; and take your site on top of the major search engine results page without spending much of your resources.


Dimensions of Internet Marekting

What is Internet Marketing?61afd00a-5862-4464-bcf0-00651828a3df
Today internet marketing is the fastest developing and most enticing division of marketing. Due to the fact that the globe is becoming more connected, marketers have to keep up with the trend to reach new audiences. Technology and software are so dynamic in this era and to keep up with the pace seems so challenging. The web is also fleeting and so does products and services, yet marketers have to cope with these dynamics. All the dimensions of what is internet marketing have to be understood to beat the competitors who have utilized internet marketing to push their products and services around the world.

Internet market is also referred to as online marketing or eMarketing. It is basically any type of marketing that is enhanced through the use of the internet technologies; a brand or a product is promoted over the internet. The scope of internet marketing is very broad and it includes email marketing, social media marketing or any other promotional activity that is enhanced via wireless media. Other aspect of internet marketing involves the creative phases of World Wide Web such as designing, sales, advertising and development.

There are different types of online marketing which include;63b2cd4a-f387-436d-b691-39879083e414

• Display Advertising: These are the advertising banners that are presented on other blogs or websites to increase traffic for their own content. This is beneficial as awareness of a product is enhanced.
• Email Marketing: this type of internet marketing involves reaching out to potential customers by use of email.
• Affiliate Marketing: this kind of internet marketing is whereby an enterprise outsources an online retailer, blog or e-commerce site and pays for each visitor of their sites.
• Inbound Marketing: the process whereby internet marketing engages itself by sharing any valuable content to a target market with an aim of convincing them to become their loyal customers. In most cases it is done through creation of business blog.
• Search Engine Marketing: this is one of the most key drivers of internet marketing. A business that engages itself with this type of marketing will pay advertisements that will appear on search engine result pages. It can include payment of inclusion or payment of placement.
• Search Engine Optimization: this is different from search engine marketing as it is natural and no payment involved for the process of promoting content on SERPs. The activities that are involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) include placement and keyword research, social marketing and link building.
• Social Media Marketing: brands, products and services are promoted through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google+ or Pinterest. SEO Perfect Company

From the dimensions of internet marketing, it is clear that it has the capability of connecting billions of people around the globe. This can enhance exposing your business enterprise to millions of your target market. It is also an inexpensive form of advertisement as compared to print media or electronic media such as television and radio. Internet marketing will give an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. This is made possible by the use of cost-volume-analysis (CVP) and web analytic tools. The understanding of internet marketing can be a great avenue to realize return on investment faster than thought.

To learn more about Internet Marketing and breaking bank, attend the UNconvention being held at Caesar’s Palace.

SEO- What You Need to Know.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves optimizing the keyword in the content of a web Page in a bid to increase Google rankings and search engine traffic. In search engine optimization articles and blogs are ranked according to their keyword content by Google. Therefore, if you are in this te78efd3f-9d66-4fbd-b742-98351f0aea3fype of business and you don’t know how to go about it, this article is going to be very helpful. SEO marketing involves a lot of things such as, keyword selection, web content, increasing traffic, and getting the best Google ranking. 


You need to understand how to select your keywords, because this is very important especially if making great sales and increasing traffic on your web page is your main goal. Keyword selection is key to better Google rankings and increased traffic on your site. Sincerely, keyword section is not difficult as there are many online tools that can help you do this. Therefore, you need not to worry about anything, especially if you are a newcomer in this type of business. For instance, many people prefer Google’s keyword planner when selecting keywords for their web contents. Other important keyword selection tools include market samurai, keyword planner, keyword discovery, and word-tracker. All these tools are excellent in keyword selection. You only need to identify yourself with one of them. Otherwise, you must be sure to use the most user-friendly tool that matches your taste and preference.


When writing your web content, do so with your readers in mind, don’t write as if writing for some sorts of animals. This might sound absurd, but the bitter truth is that you must come up with something that is easy to read and comprehend. Don’t insert too many keywords in the content. In other words, avoid keyword stuffing. However, this doesn’t mean doing away with keywords in your content. Instead, be sure to use just enough of them in the whole web page content, as too many keywords will render the content meaningless.


Like any other business, content and internet marketing have special terms and expressiof3ddbe8f-767b-4033-a258-f36399504a7bns that you must familiarize with. For instance, you must understand terms such as sitemap, SERPS, page rank, cross-linking, keyword density, back linking, off-page SEO, and on-page SEO. You need to understand all these words and expressions are they form the foundation of effective content marketing. Therefore, it is my hope and belief that you will do research about the meaning of these terms, as they mean a lot in internet marketing.

Finally, search engine optimization is such a good tool of increasing your brand visibility. With is marketing strategy, you can make your products and services popular among people from all corners of the world because it happens online through the internet. Ideally, you only need to create a good content with useful keywords to get the best rankings on Google. Afterwards, your content will be displayed on the first page of Google thus increasing the number of people viewing your blogs and business everyday. 


Finding Ways to Give Your Audience What They Want With Content Curation

Finding Ways to Give Your Audience What They Want With Content Curation


Ask anyone outside of the SEO and marketing world the question ‘what is content curation’ and it is almost guaranteed that you would be met with a blank stare. The interesting thing is that if these people have ever used any kind of social media or shopping sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Amazon and many others the chances are they will have seen it working whenever they log in.

So what is content curation?

In its most simple form content curation is essentially information that is selected, organized and displayed so that it is unique to each individual. Say for example someone goes onto a website and searches for a book by a particular author that day. The next day when they log in content curation would look at what they had recently searched for and their main page would show either similar types of books or other books by that author. Other forms of content curation could even look at things that the users’ friends have been looking at recently and show these things to the user based on the principle that they may have similar tastes.


Why is content curation used?

For most media site and online shops there are two clear reasons why content curation is used. The first is to keep users interested and this will often mean limiting what they see initially to the things that are most likely to grab their attention. The same goes for shopping sites where the site believes that it is more likely to get sales if it shows a user items that are similar or related to products or services they have bought before. The second is simply to limit the clutter of websites that have lots of information to provide by only showing the user information that is relevant to them. This tool can be handy for blog websites, RSS feeds and even newsgroups where there is huge amounts of data on offer. After a few visits to the site or feed it starts reviewing where the user has been and starts reducing the amount of information shown so only information that is related to what they have looked at shows.

How does content curation affect what a user gets to see?


Like any other tool that is designed to improve the overall experience a user gets when visiting a website there are good points and bad points. The good points are fairly obvious in that it makes it far easier for users to find what they need and it is more likely to give them information or show them things that they want to see and hide the stuff they don’t. The bad points are that this is not going to be the case for everyone and poorly designed content curation system are worse that using nothing at all to filter information.

When it comes to content curation the idea that a website knows best is not going to be to everyones taste and some users would prefer to see everything and filter it themselves. Also, a poorly designed content curation system is more likely to put most users off rather than keep them coming back for more.